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Tracy Voelker, Principal


Our goal is simple:  Work in partnership with parents and the community to enable each student at Runyan Elementary to achieve academic, social, and emotional success.  As Principal, it is my expectation that each Runyan teacher know his/her students’ individual needs on a daily basis and have the instructional skills and a solid plan to meet those needs.  In most cases students’ needs can be effectively addressed within the classroom through research-based instructional practices with, perhaps, minor accommodations.  In some cases more support is necessary, and we work interdependently as a staff and a district to ensure the necessary support is available.

Parent support is vital to achieving our goal.  For students to be successful in school, they must believe school is important and that their parents expect high achievement.  Parents can encourage this understanding within their children in a number of simple ways:

  • Have them at school on time every day they are well enough to attend.  Instruction begins at 7:45 each day.
  • Ask about what they learned at school every day; show an interest in what they’re learning.
  • Read with them every night and talk about what was read.
  • Talk about their educational future and how it will influence the choices they have.  For example, athletic coaches want gifted athletes who are also smart enough to solve problems, and employers who pay high salaries want college graduates to work for them.
  • Stay in touch with the teacher.  Maintain a current phone number so the teacher can contact you, and make an effort to check in from time to time to see how your child is progressing.

Most successful people had a lot of other people around encouraging them and helping them during their childhood years.  Each staff member at Runyan is here because we love and want to help Runyan students, but we can’t do it alone.  It will take all of us working together — teachers, parents, students and community members — to ensure the success of every Runyan student.  I invite you to be a strong presence in your child’s academic development.

Tracy Voelker

Runyan Elementary Principal

Christa Haymark, Assistant Principal


I am thrilled to be the new Assistant Principal at Runyan Elementary! Working at Runyan will allow me to continue my passion for helping children grow into successful, confident, life-long learners. However, I need your help. For your child to achieve success in school, you need to have high expectations and foster their love learning. Some ways you can help are:

1.  Read to your child every day.  Chose different types of literature.  Talk to your child about what you read.  Ask questions.  Have your child make predictions about what they think will happen next.  Children need to hear fluent readers read and model comprehension strategies.

2.  Keep a journal with your child and write to them on a frequent basis.  Encourage your child to respond.  Writing is an essential task.  The more a child practices this skill, the easier it becomes.

3.  Discuss your child’s progress in school on a regular basis.  Look at the graded papers that come home.   Go over and correct anything that was missed.  Ask questions about what is going on in class.  Have your child explain a concept he/she is working on in class.  Encourage the use of academic vocabulary.  People remember 90% of what they teach.  Let your child teach you something new.

4.  Remember, you are a key component in your child’s education!

I am looking forward to getting to know each of you, your children, and serving the Runyan community.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Christa Haymark

Runyan  Elementary Assistant Principal

Ilynn Marinero, Counselor


August 15th, 2018

Dear Parents /Legal guardian,

My name is Ilynn Marinero, and I am the guidance counselor for Runyan Elementary.  I have been here for eleven years serving your school.  I am here to assist children, parents and the community with resources that benefit our students. With your support, I am planning for a great 2018-2019 school year!

First and foremost, it is my responsibility to help your child get the best possible education and become a strong, well-equipped individual.  A good education includes not only learning to read, write, and do math, but learning good social skills, as well.  This means, among other things, learning how to get along with other children, making good decisions, controlling one’s anger, accepting responsibility, and being aware of personal strengths and weaknesses. Good character traits are an important part of becoming a well-rounded, well-educated person.  The character traits I will focus on this year are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. When social skills and good character combine, they have a powerful impact on a person’s achievement!

I am also here to help students deal with family crises such illness, death, or divorce that may affect their success at school.  If your family is experiencing anything out of the ordinary, please let me know.  If I am aware of any special problems your child might be facing; I can visit with / observe your child and help both of you with the difficulties that may surface by providing outside resources.

Another of my major responsibilities is to be helpful to parents as they navigate the sometimes-turbulent waters of parenthood.  You are the most influential person in your child’s life.  I am here to assist you in understanding challenges your child may be facing and to offer suggestions to help you guide your child through these challenges in a manner that will help him/her become a stronger person in the future.  If you have a particular concern about your child, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the matter.

School personnel and parents working together is a winning combination for children, and all children deserve the chance to be winners.

Let us work together to create the best opportunities for your child!

Thank you very much,

Ilynn Marinero, School Counselor

Runyan Elementary


Agosto 15, 2018

Estimados Padres/ Tutores,

Soy Ilynn Marinero, la consejera de orientación de la escuela Runyan. Tengo once años sirviendo su escuela. Estoy aquí para asistir a sus niños, a usted y la comunidad con recursos que beneficiaran a nuestros niños. ¡Yo proyecto un gran año para el 2016-2017 con su apoyo!

En primer lugar, es mi responsabilidad ayudar a su hijo a obtener la mejor educación y ser individual, fuerte y capaz. Una buena educación no solo incluye lectura, escritura y matemáticas sino también buenas habilidades sociales. Esto significa, entre otras cosas más, aprender a llevarse bien con otros niños, tomar buenas decisiones, el control de la ira, la aceptación de responsabilidad, y ser conscientes de sus fortalezas y debilidades. Tener buenas características es otra parte muy importante en ser una persona educada y culta. Las características que se va a enfocarse son confianza, respeto, responsabilidad, igualdad, querer y ciudadanía. Cuando las habilidades sociales y las características de carácter se combinan pueden hacer poderoso en el logro de la persona.

También estoy aquí para ayudar a los estudiantes que se enfrentan a dificultades particulares como una enfermedad, la muerte de un ser querido, o el divorcio que puede afectar el éxito a los niños en la escuela. Si su familia está pasando por algo fuera de lo común, por favor, háganoslo saber. Estoy consciente de los problemas especiales que su niño podría estar enfrentando, puedo platicar/observar al niño y ayudar a ambos de ustedes con las dificultades que puedan surgir con información de recursos en la comunidad.

Otra responsabilidad mayor es ser una ayuda a los padres en tiempos difíciles. Usted es la persona con más influencia sobre su hijo/a. Estoy aquí para ayudarles a entender a su hijo/a en tiempos de dificultad y ofrecer sugerencias de una manera que le ayude a ser una persona determinada en el futuro. Si usted tiene una preocupación en particular sobre su niño/a, yo espero la oportunidad de reunirme con usted para platicar el asunto.

Es importante recordar que, trabajando junto, el personal de la escuela y los padres será una combinación ganadora para los niños, y los niños merecen la oportunidad ser ganadores.

¡Trabajando juntos, podemos crear buenas oportunidades para su niño!

Muchas gracias,

Ilynn Marinero, Consejera de Escuelas

Primaria Runyan


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